Cebulla Associates - Architecture and Design

Cebulla Associates was founded in 1984 by a handful of young college students who decided that they wanted to make a difference. Their desire to be successful and accountable to the highest standards of architectural design was the foundation that evolved into the company of today. With family roots in architectural engineering and building development, a strong desire and passion for quality already existed and has only grown over time.

As a California central coast leader in quality architecture and development, Cebulla Associates continues to prove itself. Cebulla Associates provides full design services for project development, ranging from residential to commercial and industrial buildings. Some of our recent projects are in the forefront of new fields of development. These fields include Leed Certified Green Construction, Solar Power and recycled material developments. Mixed use (Residential and Commercial) is an area of development where we have excelled. We have completed several projects in San Luis Obispo County, California. We feel that mixed-use development is an excellent way to help ease the housing shortage - both locally, state and nation-wide as well.

Cebulla Associates can provide Architectural services for many types of projects. We aggressively pursue new and innovative projects with the same commitment to detail as our extensive portfolio illustrates. If you need someone to help you develop your dreams for the future, look no further. We are that company. Cebulla Associates can make your dreams a reality.

Please take some time to tour our site. We have some samples of our numerous projects posted in our portfolio section and will be adding more in the future. Thank you for visiting us. We hope to be of service to you.